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What is my rental app?

my rental app is a digital welcome book that holds all the information holiday renters require in one place, assisting your customers during and before their stay, directly on their mobile devices. A one-stop digital guide powered by AI that provides up-to-date and reliable information about the property and surrounding area, saving you time and reducing paper waste.

Transform Your Property into a Destination

Welcome to my rental app - The Digital Welcome Book, a revolutionary app that turns every holiday rental into an unforgettable adventure. Imagine giving your guests a personal guidebook, seamlessly packed with everything they need to know about your property and its vibrant surroundings—all at their fingertips.

Complete Peace of Mind
The future of holiday rentals is here, in the hands of you and your guests, providing ease and convenience like never before. With the assurance that your guests can access the weblink anytime, anywhere, and have all the information they need to enjoy their stay, you can have complete peace of mind—knowing they are well-informed and likely to leave you a glowing review!

my rental app - the Digital Welcome Book that every guest needs!

Guests can view exclusive local insights often overlooked by other vacation rental sources. From local eateries to top tourist spots, weather patterns to transport links, the app invariably makes the less visible and perceptible. With digital maps, photos, reviews and local tips, the app provides a crystal-clear picture of what to expect and best ways to navigate during their stay.

Easy to Control and Customize

Excellent First Impression

A well organized, all informative Digital Welcome Book gives an excellent first impression to guests and makes you look professional.

Live updates for all guests

Just update once on the app, and all guests receive the update instantly! Very easy to update as well as replace outdated information!

Enhanced Guest Experience

Guests have all the information in one place, prior to their arrival, thereby reducing misunderstandings and easy access in case of Emergencies.

Accessible from any device, anywhere at anytime

Accessible from any mobile device is a single digital point of up-to-date information, saving time on guest questions.

Easy to Share

QR codes and weblinks can be shared via emails, devices and booking platforms or printed and displayed at the property.

Effortless and Sustainable

No more printing or replacing missing Welcome Books. Go the sustainable route.


My Rental App has multi-language translations available.

24/7 Support  

24/7 Customer Support Centre, online or via telephone directly to My App Team.


Annual subscriptions and reduced rates are available. Don’t forget it’s tax deductable.

Why choose The Digital Welcome Book

Turn your property into more than just a place to stay—make it the highlight of their holiday.
With my rental app, you’re not just offering accommodation; you’re crafting experiences.

Using our AI Wizard saves time and effort with a centralized communication platform for guests. Information can be updated immediately.

Enhanced Security

Your information is protected with our robust security measures. Guests have access without compromising their privacy.

Effortless Customization

Tailor the app effortlessly to showcase your property’s best features and local insights, creating a personalized experience for each guest, their needs and language ensuring it aligns perfectly with your rental business model.

Stand Out from the Crowd 

Differentiate your property with a cutting-edge digital tool that impresses guests from the moment they book, ensuring rave reviews and repeat bookings.

Guest Experience

Elevate your hospitality by offering a smart, interactive guide that answers questions before they’re even asked, making their stay smoother and more enjoyable.

It's So Easy to setup..

1. Sign Up

Create your account in minutes. Whether you’re a property owner or manager, our user-friendly interface makes onboarding a breeze. Register Now!

2. Property Setup

Our purpose-built AI wizard will guide you through all relevant content required to create your unique Digital Welcome Book.

3. Specific Support

Supporting unique and specific needs for your property all in one place.

4. Communication

Experience the convenience of streamlined communication. Focus on providing an excellent rental experience, knowing that communication is handled.

5. Share

Start communicating effortlessly and share documents, instructions and local information all within the app.

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Villa, Koh Samui
Scan the QR code to view the example guide on your mobile device.

Try using our AI wizard to complete your property's unique Digital Welcome Book and upload as much or as little information as you wish.

Have your Digital Welcome Book ready to share in less than 30 minutes!

my rental - Demo

Completely Affordable

Individual Property


Per Year

  • No more outdated paper welcome books for your guests, be a part of the sustainability movement and get better guest satisfaction rating in return.
  • Package Includes:
  • AI Wizard
  • Multi-Language
  • Unlimited Amendments
  • Annual Hosting
  • Clear Information Tabs
  • Quick Dial Option
  • 24 Hour Support
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Multiple Properties


Per Year

  • Efficient guests’ management over multiple properties. Discounts available for multiple properties.

  • Package Includes:
  • AI Wizard
  • Multi-Language
  • Unlimited Amendments
  • Annual Hosting
  • Clear Information Tabs
  • Quick Dial Option
  • 24hr Support
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Property Agents


Find Out More

  • Managing a portfolio of properties has never been easier. Contact us to discuss how to support your clients with My Rental App.

  • Package Includes:
  • All Same App Benefits & Features
  • White Labelling Option
  • Full Commission Structure
  • Marketing & Sales Pack
  • Message Board
  • Advertising Space

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